Maintaining technological Leadership with Integrity

Learn about the outstanding mindset towards integrity at LEONI in the United States.

"We never compromise on two things: Excellence and integrity!"


What I love about our culture – and I have witnessed this countless times over the past decade – is that at LEONI we never compromise on two things: Excellence and Integrity.

What does this mean? It means that we work exceptionally hard at empowering our teams to deliver our products and services at the highest level possible and at a price that still remains competitive. It means that we continuously invest professionally, monetarily as well as socially into creating a work environment that allows us to be a key player at the very forefront of the Mobility Megatrend. And it means that we protect this Leadership Mindset in all external interactions as well.

So, when we go to a potential customer, we always ask ourselves: “What would be the best possible solution for the case at hand? How can we make this happen and still be competitive?” And certainly, sometimes, this also leads to us negotiating quite fiercely if we feel that a potential customer is looking at a project solely from a pricing perspective.

This is the integrity that I love, that I feel when I look around our teams – and it ultimately is what drives me to get up and give my best every day.

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