Opportunities for university students

Get invaluable practical experience and familiarize yourself with different fields of work

We offer cooperative education (Co-op) opportunities at LEONI. Students are able to alternate their school semesters working full time as a paid co-op Engineering Student at LEONI. Our co-op students are given hands on experience in the engineering field supporting our customers directly. As a global company, we’re able to provide our students with exposure to a diverse multicultural environment that will prepare them for an successful career in Engineering with LEONI USA or one of our other LEONI locations around worldwide. 

Benefits of co-op opportunities with LEONI

  • Personal development:
    • Organization
    • Public speaking
    • Productivity
  • Professional development:
    • Project management
    • Building workplace relationships
    • Leadership exposure 
  • Learn a new language and culture
  • Independence, learn flexibility
  • Real world exposure
  • Develop an “internal brand”

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