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Key Account Manager

Nathan, a former LEONI co-op student, now excels as a Key Account Manager, focusing on Caterpillar's commercial relationship.

My story at LEONI

My name is Nathan Thomas. I joined LEONI in 2012 as a university co-op student (Praktikant). Over the course of five co-op rotations, I gained experience in engineering, sales, finance, and project management. These rotations took me to LEONI's offices in Columbus, Indiana, Tucson, Arizona, and Kitzingen, Germany. In 2015, I graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. At that point, I embarked on my full-time career with LEONI, initially working as a resident engineer for our largest commercial vehicle customer, Caterpillar, based in North Carolina. Since then, I have continued to progress in my career, taking on various team leadership positions within the engineering department. Currently, I hold the role of Key Account Manager, where I am tasked with assisting in the management of our commercial relationship with Caterpillar.

My job

As an Account Manager, my primary responsibility revolves around helping oversee the comprehensive business relationship we maintain with global customer, Caterpillar. Caterpillar holds a significant position as one of our largest and most long-standing customers within the TPT & Offroad groups. On a daily basis, my role involves facilitating the progress of various aspects, including the coordination of delivery and commercial matters between LEONI and our customer teams spread across North and South America. This encompasses activities such as preparing quotations, handling business negotiations, and much more. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is the collaborative work I engage in with a global LEONI team dedicated to serving CAT globally.

My highlights

Throughout my journey at LEONI, there have been several instances that have compelled me to pause, savor, and contemplate. These moments have ranged from successfully delivering substantial NPI programs on schedule, to securing new business awards, and many other achievements. However, what holds the utmost significance for me is when we engage in conversations with our customers, and they characterize their commercial and developmental partnership with LEONI as exceptional and truly world-class.

My view of LEONI as an employer

My perspective on LEONI as an employer is deeply influenced by my unique educational journey at the University of Cincinnati, a global pioneer in cooperative education. Following this distinctive model, I had the privilege of alternating between academic semesters and full-time work semesters in my chosen field. LEONI USA's active engagement in the co-op program since 2006 allowed me to complete all five of my co-op semesters with LEONI. During this time, I not only gained invaluable hands-on experience but also felt genuinely appreciated. LEONI's commitment to ensuring that my time as a student was both meaningful and impactful significantly contributed to my decision to join the company as a full-time employee upon graduation. 

What I find most rewarding about working at LEONI is the opportunity to collaborate with global teams in tackling complex manufacturing challenges. This collaboration aligns with our mission to support our TPT & Offroad customers in building a better world. The sense of purpose and the chance to contribute to impactful projects make LEONI a truly fulfilling and inspiring workplace for me. 

We are fortunate to collectively foster a healthy work culture at LEONI. This achievement is underpinned by our intentional commitment to accountability, equity, effective communication, and acknowledging the contributions of every team member.

 LEONI, in a nutshell, can be described as rewarding, collaborative, and trusting.

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