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Specialist Harness Designer

Vladimir at LEONI is a Specialist Harness Designer, linking the customer's U.S. design team with LEONI's global manufacturing plants.

My story at LEONI

I’m Vladimir, a Specialist Harness Designer at LEONI, where I work as a liaison between the customer’s design team in the United States and LEONI’s manufacturing plant teams around the globe. My journey with LEONI began during my studies of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. Over the course of my undergraduate career, I’ve completed five semesters of co-op/internships at multiple US locations and even internationally in Portugal, gaining invaluable insight into the role of engineering within a large internarial firm. In my current full-time role, I’ve continued to thrive in LEONI’s dynamic environment, enhancing my knowledge of automotive electrical architecture, and expanding my horizons while traveling for work. LEONI has proven to be an excellent launchpad for my career, and I’m excited about the opportunities ahead!

My job

Since in my current role I serve as the primary liaison between our organization and the customer, my daily work revolves around a wide range of topics. I frequently engage in discussions with the customer’s wiring harness designers to learn about their new designs, ensuring they align with our manufacturing capabilities. I also maintain strong communication with colleagues at tour manufacturing facilities, sharing design insights and addressing any challenges that could arise in the assembly process considering customer’s project requirements. Analyzing and proposing cost and labor-saving initiatives is a routine part of my responsibilities. I monitor the progress of current build activities, support quality concerns as they arise, and find suitable alternatives to address supply chain shortages. These varied responsibilities require me to communicate effectively with various departments, ensuring that our production lines run smoothly and our customer’s expectations are met.

My highlights

One of the most exceptional experiences I’ve had at this company was the opportunity to develop and pursue an internship in Portugal. It was a standout moment in my journey at LEONI. I embarked on a path that not only allowed me to live and work in another country but also created a unique opportunity for future interns. This endeavor required navigating complex processes, from securing a work visa to arranging accommodations, all while immersing myself in a new language and culture. What made this experience even more remarkable was that it opened doors to a side of the business I couldn’t have accessed while in the US – the operations. Being on-site provided a firsthand understanding of the manufacturing and assembly processes and an invaluable perspective that has enriched my professional goal growth that is proving to be very helpful in my full-time work as a LEONI representative at a customer location.

My view of LEONI as an employer

My perspective on LEONI as an employer is rooted in a thoughtful decision-making process where I considered various factors aligning with both my professional aspirations and personal interests. What drew me to LEONI was its esteemed industry reputation as a global leader in wiring harness design and manufacturing. This appealed to my desire to bridge the gap between theoretical concepts learned in my physics classes and their practical application in the real world. The opportunity to be part of global projects, including a rewarding 7-month internship in Portugal, resonated with my passion for diverse experiences, language learning, and travel. 

LEONI's commitment to employee growth and fostering a dynamic work environment assured me that this was the ideal place for me to learn, grow, and contribute to customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the prospects for future leadership roles, the chance to engage in important and relevant tasks, and the opportunity to be at the forefront of engineering innovation directly at the customer's facilities solidified my belief that LEONI is the perfect choice to shape my career. The combination of these factors aligns seamlessly with my goals, making LEONI a compelling and fulfilling employer for me. 

The work culture at LEONI is one characterized by a strong spirit of collaboration and inclusivity. Although high-paced, it’s a fun and enjoyable place to work, with supportive atmosphere that encourages learning and personal growth. One of the remarkable aspects is the willingness of people to work together, not only professionally but also on a social level, fostering connections and friendships that are not only limited to the direct work location, but often span across the globe.

 The company’s international projects provide unique opportunities to learn new languages and immerse oneself in various cultures. Socializing after work and during business trips is a common practice, enhancing the sense of camaraderie among colleagues. Additionally, more experienced colleagues are eager to mentor and assist the new ones, fostering their professional development and growth. This cultural blend of teamwork, support, and cultural exchange makes for a vibrant and enriching work environment. 

In essence, LEONI can be aptly characterized as collaborative, supportive, and cultured.

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